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Chances are that when you are planning your next trip, you will find websites that are in a language that you are unfamiliar with. The ability to translate apartment rental confirmations, public transportation journey planners and regional airlines’ booking forms will certainly help you to better plan your trip. You can translate any website by following these 2 simple steps:

STEP 1: Look for the site’s language button.

Language buttons may redirect you to original content written in the language of your choice. Therefore, this would be more accurate than an automatic translation. You can usually find the language buttons on the top right corner:

  • as an abbreviation – EN, FR, ES
  • as a flag icon 🇬🇧 🇫🇷 🇪🇸
  • as a globe icon 🌐 , which opens a drop-down menu with language choices

STEP 2: Use the automatic translation function in your browser.

If the site does not offer a language button, you can direct your browser to do an automatic translation:

  • Google Chrome or Internet Explorer – do a right click anywhere on the screen to open the menu. Select “Translate to English”. If you want to translate to a different language, click on “Translate to English”, then choose “Options”. A menu will open where you can select a different language.
Translating one of our posts.
  • Microsoft Edge – switch to Internet Explorer by going to the menu on the top right corner, then select “Open in Internet Explorer”. Follow the steps above.
  • Safari (iPhone and iPad) – go to the “Share” button at the bottom of the display, then click on the “Microsoft Translator” button.

Automatic translation will not be completely accurate, and may result in some funny grammar and word choices. However, you will be able to gather the basic information that you are looking for to plan your trip. If using automatic translation to book a service, like a train or flight, make sure you double check the important information by doing a separate translation of specific terms in Google Translate.

You can direct your browser to automatically translate all pages in foreign languages to the language of your choice as soon as you land on the page. However, as explained above, the site’s language option may offer a more accurate translation, so always try that first.

Do you ever make bookings in local websites?

Have you ever used the translation function in your browser?

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