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One of the sites I use most frequently for travel planning is Google Maps. We talked about creating a personalized “things to do” list using this free service. In this post, we will show you how to create destination-specific maps that you can save for future reference, as well as share with friends.

Destination-Specific Maps in 5 Easy Steps

STEP 1: Access Google Maps (

STEP 2: Sign in to your Google account

STEP 3: Open the Menu, located on the top left corner of the search box

Google Maps – Menu

STEP 4: Go to “Your places”, then click on “Maps”

Google Maps – Menu options

STEP 5: At the bottom of the screen, click “Create Map”

Google Maps – saved Maps

An untitled map will open.

You are now ready to start creating your map!

Why create these destination-specific maps?

In our previous post, we showed you how to pin sites to the standard Google map (the map you see once you access the site or open the app). So what is the difference? Creating these destination-specific maps allows you to:

  • Easily share a proposed itinerary map with your travel group…
  • … or with family staying home.
  • Use them as a reference of the places you have visited, for example, if you are designing a scrapbook or making a video.
  • Create a map for a specific trip. This works well if you visit a region multiple times, but you visit different places each time.
  • Avoid having multiple pinned sites visible in your standard Google map.

Google Maps app for your smartphone or tablet

A Google Maps app is available for your smartphone, and it will be very useful on your trip. However, while you can access your custom maps in the same way as described here, you will not be able to edit them or add new pins. Also, the location name will not show while on airport (offline) mode (you can see the pin, but not the name of the pinned site).

Have you created your own maps using Google?

Let us know in the comments!

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