6 Practical Reasons Why You Should Visit Portugal (Before Everyone Else Finds Out!)

Portugal is one of the best-kept secrets of Europe. While it has many things to offer visitors, it still remains an undiscovered gem for most tourists. Here are a few simple and practical reasons why we love it, and why we think it should be on your bucket list:

  1. Cheap flights – TAP frequently offers sales from the US, with flights often less than $500 return. There are also many connections from other European cities for less than $60.
  2. Ease of transport – An inexpensive and easy to use public transportation system allows you to explore the country. The distances between towns are short, so you can see a lot in a short time.
  3. Affordable living – Although on the Euro, Portugal remains very affordable.  Site entrance fees are low and the food is inexpensive.
  4. Foodie haven – Plenty of bakeries and restaurants around to try traditional Portuguese delicacies. And we don’t have to tell you about the wine…
  5. Friendly people – We felt very comfortable in Portugal. In the cities, people spoke perfect Spanish, English and French. In the smaller towns, a smile and some pointing were all we needed, as people were always willing to help.
  6. Vibrant culture – There is something for everyone. Small medieval towns, museums, city life, beautiful beaches, historical sites. Whatever your passion, you will find it here.

Have you considered Portugal as your next destination? To get started with your planning, read our full guide to an extended long weekend in Lisbon here.

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